Old carved shell 1 medium Hair adornment/trade beads Berber Mauritania ,Hand Crafted ,CONUS SHELL ,Ethnic Jewelry,Tribal Jewelry

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antique hand carved shell 1 medium bead which were once used to designs Berber women of Mauritania used these antique hand carved shell beads to weave and braid into their hair. These shell beads were traded and used as money in Mauritania. Mostly these beads are flat backed, some being disk like and others being domed or more three-dimensional They are also used in necklaces and adornments among amber, coral, silver, glass and other beads. Hand made by cutting the base of the conus shell, grounded to give the shape and carved to made the incisions and designs.These antique rare beads would be great for using in jewelry work and also for sewing onto fabric or clothing .Measures Length 1''.5 by 1''.5 please refer to the photos for the exact size


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